Vladimir Gorsky
Gorsky(Russian-American painter,1953-2008) was born in Moscow and emigrated from Russia to Texas in 1987 where he continued his career as a professional artist. His art graces the walls of Heads of State,
Private Collectors and Art Galleries around the world. The portfolio he amassed ranges from imaginative Russian fairy tale series to miniature gold-leafed portraits on small wooden eggs. Special projects include "From the Depth of Ages" depicting historical artwork from stone tablets to the Mona Lisa. The most spectacular of his masterpieces is his painting "Tapestry of the Centuries" representing 2,000 years of world history. It's an astounding painting, and an historical masterpiece. The medium is mixed media on canvas. The original canvas measuring 9' x 18' took 3 years to paint and comprises 350 people and events that shaped the history of the world from the time of Christ up to year 2000. This painting has achieved international acclaim. The 'Tapestry' is currently on display at Fort Worth Central Library, 500 West 3rd Street, Fort Worth, TX 76102. The historical painting of Las Vegas , 7 1/2' x 12 1/2', called "Miracle of the Desert" is also a testament to his celebrated talent as a master artist. Vladimir's collection of pop art Celebrity Portraits of musicians, Hollywood idols, world famous icons and entertainers captures the essence of the 20th century in a vibrant and bold style that is modern yet timeless.

According to the Fine Art Magazine: Vladimir Gorsky is an unusual talent. Classically trained in techniques defined by the old masters, his art covers themes derived from the Renaissance to the Classics and portraiture brought up to date in an aspect of Pop Art that has been influenced by Andy Warhol.

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Tapestry of Centuries
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The 'Tapestry of the Centuries' is big: 9 feet x 18 feet. (2.75 x 5.5 Meters)

Vladimir Gorsky`s World Famous 9x18 Tapestry of the Centuries comprises people and events that shaped world history from the birth of Jesus Christ through 1999 A.D. The original painting was unveiled at a special reception by former President Bush. The “Tapestry of the Centuries is a work of deep faith soaked in the tragedies and grandeurs of humanity over the last twenty centuries. It discloses the mystery of the ongoing struggles between good and evil and between the achievements and degradation that is unfolding and has unfolded on the world stage.” The painting is an elaborate compliment to our need to understand world history.

A reproduction on high quality glossy paper is 27” x 48” (68.5x 122cm). Included with the print is a Keymap which is a black and white print of the tapestry that contains a number on each of the 350 images, and a numbered list of the name of each image. The Keymap is 22' x 34" (56 x 86cm).

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